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Twenty-four carat copywriting

We hope this page answers lots of your questions about working with Good As Gold. But it can’t replace a proper conversation! We’d love to hear from you.

Who does Good As Gold work with?

Much of our work comes from marketing and design agencies without their own in-house copywriter. They know that using a professional writer on their clients’ projects can turn a well-executed campaign into a brilliant one … and of course they get all the kudos.

Outsourcing to a copywriter is an effective, economical way for designers and marketers to enhance their services. Some commission Good As Gold to write text for their own marketing, too, which is a real compliment – and we love sparking ideas around with other creative people.

We also work directly with savvy business owners, charities and local authorities who know they’ll save money by coming directly to Good As Gold. We will happily provide a standalone writing service or work alongside your designers – the choice, as always, is yours.

Whatever your copywriting needs, Good As Gold is happy to help.

Will I have just one copywriter working on my brief?

If you want just one copywriter – of course! While it’s important for our writers to share ideas and knowledge, we know that some clients value the consistency afforded by having only one person working on their campaigns.

Are you expensive? How do you charge?

We’re not expensive. Our fees are aligned with the National Union of Journalists’ recommended prices, so you know you’re getting an excellent deal while your writer earns a fair wage. Everyone’s happy.

After taking your brief, we provide an up-front, fixed-fee quotation along with a time schedule, so you know when your copy will be ready and how much it will cost. To ensure your satisfaction, every job includes two complimentary rounds of revisions; our aim to get it spot-on for you first time means there are usually only minor changes to be made.

Good As Gold has great working relationships with existing clients, who know we’re always on hand to answer questions, give editorial support and share ideas.

I’m on a tight budget – how can I get my copy written for cheaper?

We give quotations based on how long a writing, editing or proofreading project will take, so the more detailed the brief, the more research you’ve done yourself and the clearer you can be, the cheaper our services become.

Good As Gold wants to be accessible to everyone, so if you’re on a tiny budget, why not write your brochure, website or advertising copy yourself and hire us to give it a professional polish? We’re talking small amounts of money, but huge benefits gained in having flawless, consistent marketing copy.

What are your credit terms?

We give 28 days’ credit on completion of a project, although with larger contracts we may ask you to pay a percentage upfront. Not because we don’t trust you; it’s to ensure we attract and retain great writers by paying them on time.

How does Good As Gold’s writing process work from start to finish?

You phone or email us with a brief, or an idea of something you need written. If you don’t have a definite brief at this stage, we’ll supply you with one tailored to your needs – it’s a great way to generate ideas.

Then we’ll ask you lots of questions about your business, your product, your media and your audience. This is really important: not only do we need to know the ins and outs of what you’re selling, but copywriting can have legal implications too. We can’t make false claims, for example, or write anything that might embarrass, offend or mislead. Nailing down the little details at this stage will save time and headaches later on.

If you have existing business literature that you’re happy with, that’s great – Good As Gold will write text for you that complements it. If we’re starting from scratch, that’s fine too: we’ll create a ‘tone of voice’ that suits your product, ethos and audience.

Once we have all the information we need, we will send you a quotation based on the time your project will take. This is a fixed fee and includes two rounds of revisions, so you’ll know exactly how much you’re paying and that you’ll be pleased with it.

You will also receive a time schedule. If there is information we need from you in order to meet our deadline, please make sure we have it promptly – otherwise the work could be delayed. Our turnaround time depends on the size and complexity of your project, but we aim to get started the moment we have your confirmation to proceed.

Finally – ta-da! – you receive your beautifully written copy, on-time and on-brand. If there’s anything you’d like to change, we have two rounds of revisions to get it perfect – although it’s rare that our clients ask for more than minor changes here and there.

How quickly can you turn the copywriting job around?

Depends what it is. While we’d always prefer a few days’ grace to ensure your copy sparkles, we understand there are times when you need something urgently. Overnight, weekend or bank-holiday jobs are no problem, but we may charge you a little extra to placate our loved ones.

Will you come and work in-house on my campaign?

Of course. Sometimes you can’t beat bouncing ideas around together in the same room.

How far will you travel for work?

Just tell us where you need us and we’ll be there: UK-wide and overseas. We use public transport wherever possible, as it’s greener and keeps costs low. If you’re too far away for us to travel to you and home again in one day, we’ll find a reasonably priced hotel nearby. No probs!

Do you pitch for business?

Good As Gold doesn’t normally have time to pitch for work, but we never say never. If you own a marketing or design agency and would like to produce a collaborative pitch on a project, we’ll happily consider it. Let’s talk.

Are you SEO savvy?

Yes. We know copywriting is an important part of search engine optimisation (SEO) – the practice of helping a website build trust from search engines like Yahoo! and Google. When we write your website copy, we will research your keywords, look for ‘niche’ words and phrases related to your industry (the ones that people are using in searches, but your competitors haven’t optimised for), make helpful suggestions for meta data and hyperlinks, and check that your site navigation and coding are as clean and user-friendly as they can be.

To make life easier for you, we’re happy to liaise directly with your web designers so you don’t have to worry about the tecchie bits.

Do you design marketing literature too?

We stick to what we’re good at here at Good As Gold – writing – and leave the pretty bits to our designer friends. But although we can’t design your literature, we do have a trusted network of talented web and graphic designers, programmers, marketers and SEO experts, and can always pass on a useful name to you.

I’m in Birmingham. Could I call in and see you?

We’d love to meet you; please make an appointment first.

Why should I choose Good As Gold over other copywriters?

Different writers fulfil different needs. If you want NLP-driven, full-throttle sales copy, then perhaps we’re not the copywriters for you. But if you’d appreciate lively, interesting, well-targeted text, an excellent standard of English and a tone of voice that exactly suits your business, then you might have found your editorial soul-mates. Let’s chat!

I’m a copywriter. Do you have any vacancies?

Good As Gold is always looking for talented copywriters seeking freelance work. You’ll need to write in impeccable English, love words and have an instinctive feel for company brands and assignment briefs. If that sounds like you, drop us a line and Marie will explain the next steps.

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