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Worth our weight in gold

As you know, marketing literature that looks pretty but lacks substance is fool’s gold. While it might dazzle a few people into buying, the best way to build loyalty and trust from regular customers is through lively copy that speaks directly to them.

And that’s where Good As Gold will help. Whether you’re pushed for time, clumsy with a pen or would simply love for a professional writer to step in and conjure all those awkward sentences into something slicker, we’ve got the skills, knowledge and sparkle your literature needs.

You might also find, like many of our clients, that hiring an outside writer helps you hone in on the features that make your product or service unique. Some people get so close to their businesses (a good thing!) that they struggle to write about what their customers want to know. Therefore a copywriter who can kick out the jargon and tell the world about your company in simple, interesting words is worth their weight in gold.

Some of our writing services:

Advertising copy · advertorials · AdWords for Google · annual reports · articles · banners · blog entries · blurbs · branding guidelines · brochures · case studies · columns · copy-editing of translated material · e-books · direct mail · editing · editorial guidelines · email campaigns · features · ghost-writing · information packs · invitations · leaflets · letters · magazine features · museum / exhibition display copy · newsletters · packaging · poems · postcards · presentations · press releases · product sheets · proofreading · reports · SEO keyword research · sleeve notes · straplines · style guides · website copy · white papers ·

If it involves words and punctuation, we’ll write it for you! (Unless it’s a ransom note or a school/college/university assignment, in which case you’re on your own. Sorry.) Find out more about working with Good As Gold.

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