We write website copy

We’ve been copywriting for websites since 2008 and – honestly? It’s not a mysterious art. Even in the days when some developers advocated stuffing websites full of keywords, we stood in favour of writing for human beings first and search engines second. Our only secret is to ensure your copy is clear, concise, consistent, honest, passionate and logical.

But that’s easier said than done, we know. Many people get so close to their organisations (a good thing) that they struggle to know what information to include and what to omit, let alone how to present it on a page-by-page or sentence level. Luckily, we’re business minded at Good As Gold as well as language loving and we’ll help you home in* on the features that make your business unique. We can even help you save money on a new website project by planning your copy in advance of briefing a designer.

In short, your website copy, if written carefully and beautifully, should sell your products and services for you even as you sleep. We’re here to make that happen! Let’s talk.

*Home in or hone in? We love words: http://grammarist.com/eggcorns/home-in-hone-in/

“I had no reservations at all in trusting my business’s web copy with Marie, she’s impeccably reliable and fastidious in her work and a wonderful person to deal with. Your words are safe in the hands of Good as Gold.” – Graham Colledge, Sweetart