We write blog entries

Keeping a blog allows you to share useful content, demonstrating your expertise and enhancing your credibility. It can boost your website’s search-engine rankings, opening you out to a world of new readers and customers. Blogs are also valuable for building relationships. People can respond to your posts instantly, exchanging knowledge, asking questions or offering feedback. If your business or industry takes a blow from bad press, you can use your blog to show you’re listening.

Because researching, writing and uploading interesting articles is time-consuming, Good As Gold will blog for you on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly basis. We’ll create a tone of voice that is consistent with your brand, or adopt the tone of your existing communications. We can generate story ideas on your behalf or write blog entries from notes you give us. We will source images if needed, either from stock photography or by commissioning unique work.

Our blogging costs depend on how much research is involved. But our writing services aren’t expensive and there is no minimum order, so it’s blogvious what you need to do (that’s terrible – sorry). Contact Good As Gold today.