Hire Good As Gold on a retainer basis: we will make your projects our priority and give you a reduced rate. We can do this because your ongoing custom brings stability to our business and allows us to manage our workflow effectively. We develop a deep knowledge of your organisation. The longer we work with you, the more efficient and insightful we become.

Retainers are ideal for agencies with a stream of clients needing copywriting or editing services. Our favourable rates allow room for profit at your end. Retainers are also great if your website requires frequent fresh content, or if you regularly send email newsletters. We can jump on relevant topics without being delayed by admin.

As with project-by-project arrangements, you’ll get the most out of every minute from us. We charge in 15-minute intervals and give retainer clients a detailed monthly timesheet. Unused time can be rolled over.

Just five hours per month secures you the Good As Gold premium service – ask us for a quotation today.