If you run a marketing and design agency without a copywriter (or your creative team is feeling overwhelmed), outsourcing writing tasks to Good As Gold is an effective, economical way to enhance your services. We can speed up a project’s turnaround time by eliciting necessary info from your clients, helping to shape and inform the content of their literature, and giving your designers a clearer steer.

Some agencies ask us to write copy for their own businesses. This is a big compliment – and we love sparking ideas around with other creative people.

With several agencies we liaise directly with their clients, lightening the workload at their end. We can attend briefing meetings, branding workshops and pitches so you have another creative brain on your side. Other agencies prefer to present a seamless service and treat us as their own copywriter, with the Good As Gold brand invisible to the end client. We are here for you, and happy with either arrangement.

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