What’s in a name?

There are three reasons why we’re called Good As Gold. Firstly, Marie Kreft established the company while living in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. This special part of the city has been home to a thriving jewellery trade since the eighteenth century and Marie wanted to celebrate being there.

Secondly, Good As Gold deals in words, and the phrase ‘as good as gold’ is an excellent example of the dynamism of the English language. It came into being when bank notes – with no intrinsic value – began replacing gold and silver coins as currency. So ‘good’ referred to paper money that was genuine and not counterfeit. But in time the more common meaning of the word ‘good’ took over and now people use ‘as good as gold’ to describe an obedient child or pet.

Finally, we believe that well-written, intelligent copy can be as precious as gold to your company.

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“Marie is a fantastic copywriter who writes brilliantly – on time with great invention. Marie can be guaranteed to deliver results.” – Ninder Johal, Nachural Records