Copy consultancy

Few organisations can say that every aspect of their written communication is working consistently and harmoniously with their brand. Fewer still convey their messages clearly, every day, in a tone of voice that resonates with their target audience.

But from the static content of websites and brochures through to spur-of-the-moment tweets and day-to-day emails, everything you type holds potential and power. Get it right and you’ll be selling while you sleep, showcasing your organisation’s strengths around the clock.

Whether you need to persuade, impress, delight, amuse, inform or appease, Good As Gold can help ensure every word works as hard as possible for you. We’ll perform a copy audit of your business and recommend improvements wherever they’re needed. As always, it’s up to you where we go next: rewrites and new content from us, training for your team or a powerful combination of both.

Prices start from £208 for sole traders and micro businesses: contact us for a chat and instant ideas.