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My November 2010 Twitter links

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Hello! I’m using Twitter lots at the moment, finding it useful for viewing and sharing valuable links. You can follow me at @goodasgoldws.

Twitter bird blue

Here’s what I enjoyed and shared or re-tweeted in November 2010. Please note that all links open in a new window:

* Thirty funny print ads

Email marketing
* Four tips for successful holiday email campaigns

Search engine optimisation
* Experian Hitwise online media roundup, available for download
* SEO tips for Bing

Social media
* Location, location, location: the new wave of social networking
* Make Facebook angry, and they’ll censor you into oblivion
* Four ways to gather intelligence via Twitter

* Tokyo vending machine that uses facial-recognition technology to suggest a drink for you
Fun / silly
* Porpoises rescue Dick Van Dyke

Thanks to @dhatfield, @Experian_Hitwise, @Kalexico.

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