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Good As Gold writing service #07: blogging

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Does your blog lie abandoned, growing weeds? Maybe you’ve identified a patch of expertise that’s yours for the taking in the online world, if only you had time to water and nurture it …

Little green shoot from the earth










Here are five quick reminders why a regularly maintained blog is good for your business:

01) Blogs allow you to showcase lots of relevant and useful content, not only demonstrating your industry expertise and enhancing your credibility, but allowing your organisation to creep up the search-engine listings too.

02) Blogs are great for building online relationships. People can respond to your posts instantly, sharing knowledge, asking questions or offering feedback.

03) Blogs let you respond to topical things quickly. If your business, product or industry takes a blow from some bad press or a dissatisfied customer, you can use your blog to set the record straight, offer an explanation and show you are listening.

04) Your blog can have a global audience! You can tweet all day on Twitter or faff around on Facebook … but people will only see your efforts if they’re ‘following’ you or hooked in to your network. Blogs open you out to a world of readers who can stumble across you when they make relevant search queries.

05) Blogs are free to set up and use (if you know how) and are often easier to update and maintain than websites. If you integrate a blog into your main website, it’s a great way to continually refresh your content (which search engines love!).

So what’s the downside, I hear you ask? You already know: time! Researching, writing and uploading interesting articles is very draining on your day - and you need to concentrate on running your business, looking after clients and keeping your knowledge fresh.

But supposing you could hire someone to ghost-write your blog for you? Now there’s a good idea! 

Good As Gold is happy to …

  • write blog entries for you on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even quarterly basis
  • create a ‘tone of voice’ that is consistent with your business and brand, or adopt the tone of your existing communications
  • either source and craft news stories on your behalf or write blog entries from notes you give us (however skimpy!)
  • source images if necessary, either from stock photography or by commissioning unique work
  • help you set up your first blog, if you need us to, and integrate it into your website.  

The cost depends on how complex your subject is, and how much research is involved in writing your articles. But our blogging services aren’t expensive and - best of all - there is no minimum order. So if you wanted to test us out with just one tiny blog entry, that’s no problem.

It goes without saying that each entry will be written from scratch and entirely unique to your business.

Pour some sunlight on your blog and see what grows! Email Good As Gold today at and let us know what you’re thinking …

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