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The Armani of copywriting?

I’ve just been told by a new client that the person who referred them to me (also a client) calls Good As Gold as ‘the Armani of copywriting’.

So for haute-couture nouns and luxe leather adverbs … step this way.  

Seriously, that’s embarrassing! I’m a little bashful about talking up my skills, as I realised almost painfully yesterday when I attended the NUJ course ‘Writing your first book’ in London. It was a hard-headed and useful day which focused not on high-flown dreams of writing beautiful prose, but the nitty-gritty reality of getting a book finished and sold to a publisher. A much-needed kick up the bum for me.

Course tutor Brendan Foley (author of the bestselling Under the Wire) encouraged me and three other fledgling authors to position our books, writing and ideas alongside other successful publications, authors or gripping stories, stating where they cross and how they differ. (I can’t wait to read the book by my coursemate whose novel will be a Murakami-esque magical realism mystery crossed with a Christmassy The Wicker Man.)

This was a difficult exercise for me, as I always wanted to hedge my bets: “Well it aims to have the literary quality of Paul Theroux combined with the humour and accessibility of Bill Bryson, but really it needs better words and more jokes”.


Anyway, I just wondered where you position your business or, if you’re a writer, your work?

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