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CopyAdvice gives you wings

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Just thought I’d signpost you to the Committee of Advertising Practice’s useful new CopyAdvice website at - a valuable resource for checking whether your ads comply with UK Advertising Codes.

It’s also an interesting read … there you can find out whether it’s OK to suggest that gambling increases one’s sexual attractiveness (it isn’t and it doesn’t!) and how to work with top-parity claims such as “you can’t buy cheaper” or “no other nappy keeps baby drier”.

One to bookmark?

How’s busy-ness?

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Isn’t it a shame that, as soon as we get busy, blogging is one of the first things to get the chop? It is for me, anyway. And that shouldn’t be the case, because communication is so important.  

I’ve been flat-out busy over the past few months, editing a baby book (a ‘how to’ manual for new parents - quite enlightening, really!) and working with lovely new clients who have included LEGO DUPLO (through Sky Digital Media) and the University of Birmingham. It’s been exciting but exhausting - and I’m definitely in need of a holiday. 

Because of all this work, Good As Gold has a couple of new freelance writers on its books - and a few more to talk to in the autumn. I’ll introduce you to them soon!

Marie x

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